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About 2,700 liberal bloggers, social-media mavens, petitioners, organizers and other online activists swarmed the San Jose McEnery Convention Center on Thursday for the first full day of their eighth annual convention, darting between seminars, panel discussions and exhibit halls.
Liberal activists pledged Thursday to put a measure on the ballot to overturn California's gay marriage ban if the Supreme Court does not throw out Proposition 8 in a decision expected next week.
Never mind fear of growing government surveillance or anger at a dysfunctional Congress, progressive Democrats. Howard Dean, the former Democratic presidential hopeful and architect of the "50-state strategy", told a roomful of progressives Wednesday night that the left has plenty of reason for optimism. "It’s very easy to get discouraged about all the things that are going wrong," he admitted, speaking at a party held in advance of Netroots Nation this week.
At Courage Campaign's Liquid Courage party for Netroots Nation 2013, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said that President Obama needs to justify his administration's surveillance policies to the American people.
California's ahead-of-the-curve health insurance exchange and its aggressive outreach to uninsured Latino residents make the state a model for the nation -- and proof that Obamacare can work, President Barack Obama said Friday. Courage Campaign urges Gov. Brown not to lag in the Affordable Care Act's implementation.
The left’s biggest bogeymen could snap up the ailing Tribune Company, and with it the ‘Los Angeles Times.’ David Freedlander reports on the effort to stop the billionaires—and whether it extends to the newsroom.
About 200 protesters rallied Wednesday outside the headquarters of the Los Angeles Times to protest a potential sale of the newspaper to the politically conservative Koch brothers.
Koch Brothers Protests Put Pressure on Tribune Co., Even If It Is ‘Premature’
AFP's Robert Lever talks to Rick Jacobs and discusses's effort to save the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Company from the Koch Brothers.
In the spring of 2013, amid rising cases of sexual assault in the military, Rep. Speier (D-CA) introduced legislation -- the STOP Act -- to remove the issue from military control. The STOP Act takes the prosecution, reporting, oversight, investigation, and victim care of sexual assaults out of normal chain of command and places jurisdiction in an autonomous Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Office made up of military and civilian experts. Courage Campaign garnered over 75,000 signatures in support of Rep. Speier's bill. KQED covers the issue in this piece.


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