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Two California Democrats crafting “gold standards” in net neutrality laws said Monday they will amend and combine their bills before a vote this week in the Legislature.

Eddie Kurtz, Courage Campaign president, said the senators are doing the country a “great service” by joining forces and combining their bills.

“Their courageous stand against some of the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful companies in the country — AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon — is exactly the kind of leadership our communities need in Sacramento,” Kurtz said in a statement.

A federal judge ruled in 2016 that Nestlé’s permit was still valid because in 1987 the company's predecessor requested a permit renewal and didn’t receive a response.

Three environmental groups – the Center for Biological Diversity, the Story of Stuff Project and the Courage Campaign Institute – appealed the lower court’s decision in November 2016. The settlement means the Forest Service will acquiesce to the main argument made by the conservation groups: that the company cannot continue to use its current permit indefinitely, and that the federal agency needs to finish a complete environmental assessment quickly.

The company disputes allegations made regarding the old permit’s status and says it remains in full effect.

As part of the settlement, the Center for Biological Diversity, Courage Campaign Institute and the Story of Stuff Project agreed to dismiss an appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals about the old permit after a new decision is issued.

If they are not satisfied with the Forest Service’s decision on a new permit, the groups say they have the right to challenge it.

Courage Campaign and Flip the 14 are embarking on a joint phone bank and texting effort to mobilize Democrats in CA-39, -48 and 49, the districts where Democrats most fear a top-two shutout.

ENDORSEMENTS: Courage Campaign has endorsed Michael Eng, Vicky Santana and Joy Silver for state Senate and Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Sunday Glover and Robert Rivas for Assembly.

He directed attention to Cooper’s presence on the nonpartisan Courage Campaign’s Wall of Shame.

“This particular incumbent in District 9, his voting record was scored an ‘F’ by the Courage Campaign three years in a row, and he’s been in the Assembly only three years,” he said.

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Courage Campaign launches #CaliforniaCounts -- The liberal advocacy group Courage Campaign today will kick off its new effort, #CaliforniaCounts, going up with its first digital ad in its effort to wade into the seven Republican-held House seats in California that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016. The group expects to spend $800,000 on the campaign through November.

-- Touting “the historic role that California will play in the 2018 election,” the ad includes this admonition often overlooked in a heavily Democratic state: “Right now, we send more Republicans to Congress than every state except Texas and Florida.” View the ad here

-- Courage Campaign said the initiative will include phone banking targeting infrequent or lapsed Democratic voters, as well as newly registered Democrats. It also includes peer-to-peer text messaging and email platforms.

-- Eddie Kurtz, president and executive director of the group, said the campaign will initially focus most heavily in CA-39, CA-48, CA-49 — the three districts where he considers Democrats most at risk of failing to advance a candidate to the general election in California’s top-two primaries. Of the messaging, he said, “It’s a positive frame: You count, California counts … You’re being misrepresented” by Republicans in the House. For Democrats in districts represented by Republicans, he said, the message is, “If we rise up and are counted, we can give this guy the boot.”

-- Campaign website here:

An op-ed by our Political Director, Tim Molina, on Senate Bill 822, authored by Sen. Scott Wiener. The bill would maintain net neutrality in our state, prohibiting ISPs from blocking, speeding up or slowing down websites, or charging certain content distributors more than others.

Consumer and health care groups launched a campaign Wednesday, "Brown's Last Chance," calling on Governor Brown to freeze all new oil and gas drilling in California, and phase out current production.

"We're here to tell the governor that climate leadership means ... standing with us and stopping oil drilling," said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog, which is leading the campaign with a broader coalition that includes the California Nurses Association and the California-based Courage Campaign.

Today, members of Courage Campaign, Ultraviolet, and Daily Kos are holding a rally at Visa's headquarters in Foster City, demanding major credit card companies stop doing business with retailers who sell assault rifles.

The group will also deliver petitions with more than 144,000 signatures. They say payment processors like PayPal and Apple Pay have already banned using their services to buy firearms.


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